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At Richardson’s Auto Care, we have been the Automotive Air Conditioning experts of Nevada, TX for over 20 years. From diagnosing and repairing refrigerant (freon) leaks, to replacing faulty compressors, condensors, hoses, or evaporators; we have the tools, equipment, and expertise to keep your car’s air conditioning blowing ice cold all summer long.

Leak Detection: Air conditioning refrigerants leave your system as a colorless gas and instantly evaporate away, leaving no trace of where they leaked out. At Richardson’s Auto Care, we are able to install a UV dye into your air conditioning system that will leave traces of dye where the refrigerant leaks out, which will glow when exposed to UV light, allowing our technicians to pinpoint your leak. This process ensures that we find all leaks, no matter how small, and repair or replace only the parts necessary to fix your A/C system.

Compressor Kits: The A/C compressor is the heart of your Air Conditioning system, pumping refrigerant throughout the system to pump heat out of the interior of your car. A failing A/C compressor may make a loud noise whenever the A/C is turned on, or may simply cause the A/C to not function. When a compressor does fail, it will send metal particles and debris into the system, which can contaminate and destroy the new compressor. At Richardson’s Auto Care, we replace A/C compressors with a New compressor kit, which contains a new filter/drier and expansion valve or orifice tube. During this service, each component of the system is removed, and those that aren’t replaced are thoroughly flushed to remove any contamination. This full-service repair ensure that the new compressor will last as long as it should, and allows us to provide our 24 month / 24,000 Mile Warranty on all A/C repairs.

Condensors: The condensor is the portion of your A/C system that actually passes the heat from your vehicle out into the exterior air. Located directly at the front of the vehicle, in front of the radiator, the condensor is vulnerable to road debris and flying stones. Also, leaves and other debris may accumulate in the condensor’s fins, causing reduced cooling performance. For this reason, every A/C check we perform begins with a thorough inspection of the condensor, as well as a cleaning to ensure the condensor can perform up to it’s full potential.

Controls: The modern automotive A/C system uses a computer to control A/C system operation, whether the internal panel features automated or manual style controls. These computer systems control compressor engagement, condensor fan engagement and speed, air door movement, air temperature control, and blower motor speed. We have the computer hardware and software, constantly updated, to interface with your vehicle’s computers and allow us to diagnose and repair any issue within these systems.

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