Automotive Fuel System Service Experts

Automotive Fuel System Service Experts in Nevada, TX

At Richardson’s Auto Care, we have the tools and knowledge to diagnose and repair any fuel system issues with your vehicle.

Fuel Filters: Most vehicles have a replaceable fuel filter that should be changed every 30,000 miles. On a fuel injected vehicle, these are usually located underneath the vehicle, and require relieving the high pressure from the fuel lines for servicing. A dirty or clogged fuel filter may lead to sluggish performance, check engine lights, and premature fuel pump failure. Protect your car by having Richardson’s Auto Care change your fuel filter every 30,000 miles.

Fuel Injectors: Fuel injectors have the important job of spraying fuel into your engine as a fine mist so that it can all be burnt efficiently. Over time, injectors clog with carbon deposits and are unable to completely atomize the fuel, causing reduced fuel economy, rough running, and sluggish performance. While today’s high-quality fuels contain detergents that help keep your injectors clean, a regular fuel injector cleaning is recommended to keep your car running smooth. Also, a fuel injector cleaning service may be required to correct rough running engines or check engine lamps.

Fuel Pumps: A fuel injected engine requires the correct fuel pressure, usually 50-80psi, to spray the fuel correctly through the injectors. The high-pressure fuel pumps for these systems are usually located inside the fuel tank where the fuel can act to cool the pump motor. When a fuel pump fails, the vehicle may run very sluggishly or not run at all. At Richardson’s Auto Care, we have the tools and experience required to diagnose these pumps and remove the fuel tank to replace the pump if needed.

Throttle Bodies: The Throttle Body on your vehicle controls the amount of air entering your engine to throttle the engine up or down. On most modern vehicles, the throttle body is “fly-by-wire”, controlled completely by your engine’s computer. These electronic throttle bodies are constantly opening and closing in small amounts to control your vehicle’s idle speed. As carbon deposits build up, the computer will have trouble controlling engine idle speed, and you may experience a rough idle, stalling, or a check engine lamp. On “drive-by-wire” throttle bodies, we recommend a throttle body and induction cleaning every 30,000 miles to keep your drive-by-wire system operating normally. On manually controlled throttle bodies, a throttle body cleaning is generally recommended every 50,000 miles.


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