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Automotive Electrical Service Experts in Nevada, TX

At Richardson’s Auto Care, we have been the Automotive Electronics experts of Nevada, TX for over 20 years. From batteries and charging systems to advanced engine and body computer systems, we have the tools and knowledge to diagnose and repair any electronic system in your vehicle.

Batteries: We are an Interstate Batteries dealer, and stock all common sizes of batteries for your car or truck. All of the Interstate Batteries we sell include a Nationwide warranty up to 85 months, depending on application. In over 20 years of automotive repair, we have tried many brands of batteries, and have found Interstate Batteries to have the longest life, greatest value, and best warranty coverage of any battery manufacturer.

Charging Systems: We have the computers, tools, and equipment to test and repair today’s complex computer-controlled charging systems. On modern vehicles, the engine’s computer communicates with the charging system and other vehicle computers to determine the vehicle’s electronic demands, and modify the charging output to match. Testing these systems requires the proper diagnostic equipment and procedures, and we can get to the bottom of any charging system issue. To save you future problems, we carry the same alternators your car’s manufacturer uses, from OE suppliers like Bosch Alternators and AC Delco alternators.

Body Electronic Systems: Today’s cars have more electronic bells and whistles than ever before, and we are constantly keeping up with the tools and knowledge to keep them all working properly. From HID or LED lighting systems, to GPS Navigation and Bluetooth telephones, we can diagnose and repair any of your car’s electronic accessories.

Computer Systems: The modern car or truck contains a complex network of computers that control everything from dome lights to emissions controls. We have the computer hardware and software, constantly updated, to interface with your vehicle’s computers and allow us to diagnose and repair any issue within these systems.

Starting Systems: Modern automotive starters are built with a lot more strength and durability than they used to be, however they are controlled by complex computer and anti-theft systems that may cause your vehicle to not crank, even when the starter is fine. We have the knowledge and tools to diagnose these electronic systems, and if the starter is actually at fault, we carry a complete line of remanufactured OEM staters to make your car as good as new.


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